This is the official website of the interational projects lead by Dr. Chiara Cecalupo

Conex Plus LIT! Project at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. See the dedicateed section here.

The Koinè Mediterranea project studies the history of the rediscovery of Christian catacombs in the central Mediterranean (particularly in Italy, Malta, North Africa) between the 16th and 20th centuries. The research mainly involves young scholars from different historical background and is part of a broader line of studies on the rediscovery of Christian antiquities in Europe.

The work aims to retrace the history of the rediscovery of the catacombs from many points of view, as a very broad phenomenon both geographically and chronologically. The subject is approached from an archaeological, historical, archival, figurative and literary perspective in order to understand the impact of this phenomenon in the construction of European cultural identity.

The study is carried out under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. In addition, many institutions and organizations have contributed and are contributing in many ways to this research: International Institute of Baroque Studies of the University of Malta, COST-Action “People in Motion” 2020, Associazione per l’Archeologia, l’Intercultura e la Multietnicità Regione Toscana (Por Fse 2014-2020), Cathedral Museum of Mdina (Malta) Universidad Carlos III (UC3M-Conex-Plus-Marie Curie Fellowship).

Info @ ccecalup@hum.uc3m.es